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Kingdoms Collide ‘Final’ v1.0 RELEASED!

by on Jan.17, 2011, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

Well we’re final here, servers up and releasing on time! Thanks so our friends at, convict gaming, internode and multiplay for supporing the mod with servers from all different parts of the world

Download on Desura | Download on ModDB

Before you jump in and play we’d like you to know that we’l be updating the game very soon with some stuff we couldn’t fit into this release as well as updates to things that are still in testing (like survival mode)

Please also take a minute to watch this video on some complex ‘teamwork spells’ that we’ve got in v1.0

Videos & Audio – Kingdoms Collide Mod for Half-Life 2 – Mod DB

Also, if your finding servers hard to come by, anyone with a decent internet connection can host their own KC server by simply following this guide

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Release Date for v1.0!

by on Jan.11, 2011, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

Although theres been some confusion caused by the release date that’s been displayed on moddb for a little while there’s nothing to fret about; because the release date it really close,  and it issssssssss……..the 17th of Jan 2011 (one week from now, yaayy)
our new maps are done, new models and animations all done, now we’re just doing a lot of minor fixes and cleanup work, making installers, testing installers, requesting free dedicated servers from server companies, all the work that sucks to do, but is really important if you want players to end up with a release that will make them say “hey, this mod is kinda cool” (ahhh, if only)
Anyway, heres a video
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OMG They’re everywhere!

by on Jan.08, 2011, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

It’s one thing to show fancy 3d renders and another thing entirely to have the game play, today we’re proud to announce that kc’s co-op / single-player mode is coming together nicely. 

bam! right in the kissa

One thing to mention, we’ve decided on a name for our new gory team, ‘The Nide’ (ooh, sounds scary).


Basically how the mode works right now is: the human players will spawn as a group and then be challenged with a small pack of Nide hounds. The goal is to hold up as long as possible (or even win, if you can), but every 30 seconds another AI joins the Nide and pretty soon they can become completely overwhelming.

Survival Night

But, if you don’t work as a co-operative team and one of you falls to the Nide they will re-spawn as one of them! 

Playing as a Nide hound

These screenshots have been taken from new maps made specially for survival game-play with intense  lighting and weather conditions that allow Nide demons to sneak up on you!
Survival Day

Lots of intense work going on here, expect to see trailer(s) or video(s) soon!

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New map reveal + Add your own spell into KC!

by on Dec.24, 2010, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

Today I have some screenshots from a new map to show, but this one has a bit of a twist,

kc_dirt2 WIP

Hopefully we have enough cs fans to know that this is a KC adaption of de_dust2, everyones favorite counter-strike map since 1999!

kc_dirt2 WIP

It should interesting to see how the game plays within this more ‘ridgid’ map design (although, unlike normal de_dust2, players will be able to use their leap and teleport abilities to move along the rooftops of kc_dirt2

kc_dirt2 WIP

We’ve been telling players since the start that their feedback and involvement is what shapes KC, but now we’ve come up with a way that can hopefully involve more people and give us a clearer idea of what you guys want.
We’ve set up some polls! Polls to give a nice clear graph in the following things…

Which is your favorite map?

What area of kc annoys you the most / needs the most work?

Which new spell should replace True Sight?

Now, with this poll, we encourage people, if they have another idea for a new spell, please post that as well! We’d love to hear it, and if it fits, you may see your idea in game very soon 😀

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More updatige

by on Dec.17, 2010, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

Today we’re showing the final new playable character coming to the next version of KC, this guy;

Large monster

I’d also like to share some progress I’ve made on the new maps as well as the design that went into them.
this map was designed for team death match, it involves 2 distinct paths separated by a dividing wall, down one of these paths your team will have the high ground, and down the other path the enemy will have the high ground, and you will need to climb your way to them for a fair fight.
What this should hopefully enable is a circular flow of battle, where by charging forwards through your path you are enabled make your way around to the enemy path and engage them from behind, just as they can do the same to you.
This is in response to what we often see in the beta, where skills like Leap, Teleport and Stealth are made ineffective by players always knowing where everyone is, having these 2 separate paths and a circular flow should hopefully add enough mystery for players to now use those skills effectively.

shipwreck map WIP2

The bridge map is formatted to enable ranged players to snipe at each other from either side of a circle, pivoting around one focal point (the bridge), as melee units charge directly across the bridge at one another, allowing them to reap havoc on the enemy archers if they make their way across

One thing we found in the beta was the maps that where open and long made melee players have to spend too much time walking strait into enemy arrows and range players had no cover or method to run away from attacks. so this map is made to keep players in a good combat range at all times as well as having thoughtful cover and more varied terrain

Bridge map, WIP

Also, here a little shot of a new feature we’re potentially adding into KC to help players make sense of intense melee battles, blood on your screen to help you know and understand that you’ve been hit.

screen blood

Thats all for now, stay tuned 😉

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Progress Update

by on Dec.13, 2010, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

Today i wanted to show some exciting new advances we’ve made in developing kc,
firstly, working siege weaponry!

Siege weapons WIP video – Kingdoms Collide Mod for Half-Life 2 – Mod DB

These still work to be done on the particles and effects but getting this to work how it does now has been a breakthrough that I’m personally excited about and I thought some of you would be happy to hear about 😀

As well as this, we have another new playable character to reveal! and here he is;
Medium monster
We’ve already had a few people voice their concerns over how these new monsters will fit into the gameplay (or if they will ruin it). We want to assure everyone that these new playable characters will be part of a few new gamemodes, meaning that kc in it’s current form will still be the primary mode of play, we just want there to be a place for people who prefer to play co-op or single-player within kc.

And finally I thought I might as well also show off what I’m currently working on, a rather large prop model for one of the new maps we’re making. a shipwreck,
Ship prop WIP

As always keep the feedback and encouragement coming, it really does help us work :)

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Creating a Monster

by on Dec.09, 2010, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

I said the upcoming version of KC will have interesting new gamemodes right? well some of them are going to involve a new team of playable characters, the first of which, is this little guy

As we are aware, alot of people who find there way to playing mods are often the more hardcore and non-mainstream of gamers, usualy they have an intrest in developing games for themselves, and because of this I recorded myself the whole time I was making this new model and you can watch the process happen right here!


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Sword System Changes

by on Dec.09, 2010, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

Programming on kc has gone back into full swing and as well as making some new game modes which i will share later here are some of the sword system changes.

In conjunction with peoples feedback on the sword fighting system we have changed it so that a person who parries will always beat a player who simply spams the attack button, so no more master sword spamming ownage!

The shield has also been changed from clicking to bring it up and then click to release to be hold click to keep it up. This makes the it far more natural to use then in the current version.

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Coming back to life!

by on Dec.05, 2010, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

With our full time study and work commitments coming to a halt for Christmas, Kingdoms Collide is about to get a whole lot better! We have a huge list of fixes and improvements over the existing gameplay, a hefty helping of new maps along with entirely new ways to play them with a pack of new game-modes!

heres a peek at some of my progress on a couple of the new maps,

New map 1, WIP

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Hotfix for Betav1 is here

by on Nov.23, 2010, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

The hotfix to the bugs you guys have been going crazy over is finally here, hopefully we can all enjoy a good game of KC now without as much frustration factor! :)
download the new full mod from here;


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