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Kingdoms Collide ‘Final’ v1.0 RELEASED!

by on Jan.17, 2011, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

Well we’re final here, servers up and releasing on time! Thanks so our friends at, convict gaming, internode and multiplay for supporing the mod with servers from all different parts of the world

Download on Desura | Download on ModDB

Before you jump in and play we’d like you to know that we’l be updating the game very soon with some stuff we couldn’t fit into this release as well as updates to things that are still in testing (like survival mode)

Please also take a minute to watch this video on some complex ‘teamwork spells’ that we’ve got in v1.0

Videos & Audio – Kingdoms Collide Mod for Half-Life 2 – Mod DB

Also, if your finding servers hard to come by, anyone with a decent internet connection can host their own KC server by simply following this guide

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Release Date for v1.0!

by on Jan.11, 2011, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

Although theres been some confusion caused by the release date that’s been displayed on moddb for a little while there’s nothing to fret about; because the release date it really close,  and it issssssssss……..the 17th of Jan 2011 (one week from now, yaayy)
our new maps are done, new models and animations all done, now we’re just doing a lot of minor fixes and cleanup work, making installers, testing installers, requesting free dedicated servers from server companies, all the work that sucks to do, but is really important if you want players to end up with a release that will make them say “hey, this mod is kinda cool” (ahhh, if only)
Anyway, heres a video
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OMG They’re everywhere!

by on Jan.08, 2011, under Kingdoms Collide: Source

It’s one thing to show fancy 3d renders and another thing entirely to have the game play, today we’re proud to announce that kc’s co-op / single-player mode is coming together nicely. 

bam! right in the kissa

One thing to mention, we’ve decided on a name for our new gory team, ‘The Nide’ (ooh, sounds scary).


Basically how the mode works right now is: the human players will spawn as a group and then be challenged with a small pack of Nide hounds. The goal is to hold up as long as possible (or even win, if you can), but every 30 seconds another AI joins the Nide and pretty soon they can become completely overwhelming.

Survival Night

But, if you don’t work as a co-operative team and one of you falls to the Nide they will re-spawn as one of them! 

Playing as a Nide hound

These screenshots have been taken from new maps made specially for survival game-play with intense  lighting and weather conditions that allow Nide demons to sneak up on you!
Survival Day

Lots of intense work going on here, expect to see trailer(s) or video(s) soon!

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